Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Search Engine Optimization: How Does it Work?

SEO optimization is short for search engine optimization and is the term for making your site readable to search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo for ranking your site highly in the search results.

By ranking high in search results you stand a greater chance of getting visitors to your website as it is well documented that Internet users very rarely click through pages and pages of results.

Search engines gather information from sites by using 3 methods, one is by using a robot known as a spider or crawler that reads a site, reads the sites Meta information then travels to any linked sites to perform a search of these.

The second method is human powered search engines that have people to submit, index and catalogue all the information. These sites normally take a lot longer to get listed in due to the volume of work the human assessors have to check.

The third method is a mix of the first and second with partial robot and partial human submission.

SEO optimization is an ever changing part of building web traffic as the search engines often change their algorithms (a formula used to determine the strength of a website). If you can optimize your site to it’s full potential you should have a great chance of holding on to your high search engine listing even if the algorithms change.

Researching SEO optimization techniques can be difficult because of the contradicting or outdated information that is available so it can sometimes pay to purchase new reports or Ebooks on the subject to help you complete this task.

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