Thursday, 19 May 2011

SEO - Using The Google Alert Tool

The Google Alert Tool is actually a gadget that can be used for the purposes of search engine optimization (SEO). This tool allows you to fill in perimeters on a form so you can keep your eye on new entries that make it into the top 50 on Google. You enter up to one of 5 keywords to a total of 150 query requests and Google will email you every time a new entry enters the top 50 results. You can also narrow the number down to the top thirty or ten hits on a keyword or the top one hundred. Putting the perimeters at 30 is not a bad idea as being in the top thirty page rankings on Google is what is thought to make you money

Internet Marketing, The Latest Trend Of Online Marketing

Latest Internet Marketing Techniques:

E-Mailers: E-mailers are simple e-mails which we use to send to our friends. In case of business e-mails we send information about our services or products to a potential client who can be a possible buyer for that service or product. By using any e-mailer software you can send emails in bulk containing special offers which can be provided with your product. This particular technique of the Internet marketing is called E-mail marketing.
Affiliates: It is one of the most popular methods over the Internet. In this you can offer money to a person, if he is able to sell your product over the Internet through his/her website.
Paid Listing on Web Directories: Most of the web directories offer the facility of submitting your website within their relevant categories. They charge some money for that which can be annual or on monthly basis as per their policy. After paying, your website will appear on their directory within the relevant category.

Pay Per Click Advertising
: Now days the most demanding technique for Internet marketing is Pay Per Click Advertising. Pay per click advertising is offered by all the major search engines. By paying some money for your choice of key phrases which is called bidding, your website will appear in the search engine’s sponsored listings. This is an easier technique to get instant returns on investments.

Search Engine Optimization
: Search engine optimization is another globally accepted technique for making any website visible on search engines. Search engine optimization takes time and tremendous efforts. Search engine optimization is another name for enhancing a website according the algorithms of search engines. Your website should follow the criteria made by the search engines to get top rankings. In case of search engine optimization you need not to pay any money to the search engines for showing your results. The results which come through ethical search engine optimization will be reliable and stable for a long time period if you will be updating your website time to time according to the search engines algorithms.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Search Engine Optimization: How Does it Work?

SEO optimization is short for search engine optimization and is the term for making your site readable to search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo for ranking your site highly in the search results.

By ranking high in search results you stand a greater chance of getting visitors to your website as it is well documented that Internet users very rarely click through pages and pages of results.

Search engines gather information from sites by using 3 methods, one is by using a robot known as a spider or crawler that reads a site, reads the sites Meta information then travels to any linked sites to perform a search of these.

The second method is human powered search engines that have people to submit, index and catalogue all the information. These sites normally take a lot longer to get listed in due to the volume of work the human assessors have to check.

The third method is a mix of the first and second with partial robot and partial human submission.

SEO optimization is an ever changing part of building web traffic as the search engines often change their algorithms (a formula used to determine the strength of a website). If you can optimize your site to it’s full potential you should have a great chance of holding on to your high search engine listing even if the algorithms change.

Researching SEO optimization techniques can be difficult because of the contradicting or outdated information that is available so it can sometimes pay to purchase new reports or Ebooks on the subject to help you complete this task.

Myths about the Search Engine Optimization

There are several myths that circulate about SEO (search engine optimization) in general that have persisted for years. Unfortunately these myths consist of bad advice that could have you wasting your time and money and result in not making much of a profit of all.

Myth #1. “The more search engine optimized terms you have on a page the more money you will make.”

Unfortunately the more SEO keywords you have on your page the more traffic you are likely to draw but it is likely to be just surfers not real buyers. Furthermore a search engine could penalize you for what is called “keyword stuffing.”

Myth #2. “You have to be inethical to make a profit using search engine techniques on the Internet.”

Monday, 16 May 2011

Google Hiring Lobbyists to Legalize Autonomous Vehicles in Nevada

Google is promoting the legalization of self-driving cars as per the reports. The company is plotting to get this technology license to be used by customers in Nevada, the state of US where most of the illegal things become acceptable. This has been reported by New York Times that David Goldwater, avegas-based lobbyist has been appointed by Google to promote two things: one is the amendment of electric-vehicles bill leading to licensing and testing of autonomous vehicles and secondly, the permission for distracted driving laws which makes it ok to send text messages while driving.

Google is looking forward for the promotion of these two changes in legislations before Nevada legislature, due for finalization in next couple of months.

Google has also confirmed its lobbying action pertaining to Nevada legislation, however also states that the technology for autonomous-vehicles, which was trialed in California previously is still in the testing phase. The technology however has the human safety driver incorporated to be used in emergency situations.  Goldwater has put forth the argument that the autonomous vehicles are safer than human drivers, have increased fuel economy and augment economic development, before State assembly.

As per NYT, initially these vehicles can be used as taxis and delivery vehicles which lead to the freedom to travel while a person is drunk or sleeping or physically challenged or is not able to drive in any situation. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities like automated vehicle performing jobs etc.

Robocar chief of Google, Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford duy who has been hired after winning the DARPA robo-car contest promotes the savings on fuel and car sharing through network and many other uses which would cause less destruction and death in comparison to human drivers.

However this has few negative implications like it may give rise to unpleasant situation like too much usage of cars leading to increased congestion on road and pollution.

The question worth considering here is that Why Google is so interested in making this automated vehicle legalized? Gathering from the past trends, it is expected that Google would come up with an array of free services like routing and maps and will gather data of location from the vehicle, also may share the images from the car camera and many more.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

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